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It may seem like just a drop in the bucket, but your donation is helping build Phase 4 of our playground project: the installation of the Elephant Spinning Disc and the Synchro Spinner.  These two dynamic pieces of play equipment will add some much needed sensory/motion elements to our playground.  We know that getting to play on the 3-4 playground is a big reward for the K-2 classes, so all the children at our school will benefit from the new equipment right away.


Going forward, our goal is for the entire playground to be ADA compliant so that children of all abilities and their caretakers may access all areas of the playground.  We are implementing that as each phase is completed.  When we add the last two dynamic, spinning play structures on the 3rd & 4th grade side this spring (Phase 4), the school district will also install ADA pathways connecting the asphalt to that play area and the paver path from the parking lot. 


The 3-4 swings  will need to be updated next (Phase 5) - they have been waiting a LONG time.  The hardware has all been replaced, but we are going to have to spring for new swings.   We are shooting for 2016-17.  At that time, the plan calls for the school district to once again provide ADA pathways that will connect the paver path to the renovated swing area and the swing area to the climber area.  The swing to climber area connection needs to be poured rubber matting.

For those who like hard numbers:

  • Phase 4: Elephant Disc and Synchro Spinner purchase and installation = approximately $15,000 not including site prep work to be done by school district

  • Phase 5: Replace 4th Grade swings on the playground and add a Made for Me Swing = approximately, $8,000 not including site prep work to be done by school district


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